TOPKART would like to help and advice you in looking for the maps of Poland and East Europe

Our company started in 1993.

Owners and Directors:

  • Elizabeth Kuzmiuk - Managing Director
  • Gregory Gregorczyk - Sales Director

Every year you can meet us at our stand on the International Bookfair in Frankfurt

TOPKART brings together the best names in Polish-cartographic publishing, which have an established reputation for the highest quality cartography, producing a comprehensive range of maps and atlases from constantly updated database.

Our customers abroad:
  • Map Wholesalers
  • Map Shops
  • Map Libraries
  • Research and University Institutes
  • Private and Public Companies
  • Government Offices
  • Private Customers

Since 1996 we are acting as a member of the International Map Trade Association (IMTA).

Professional and quick service is the best attribute of our activity.

  • 20 years of experience in Polish-cartographic worldwide distribution
  • Over 10.000 titles available from stock
  • The titles which are not regularly available can be procured
  • Large selection of maps from Russia, White Russia, Ukraine and Baltic States
  • Sales to wholesalers and retailers
  • Standing orders service
  • Updating service and catalogue issues per year
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